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My life is a mirror of my thoughts

It is useful to know that everything that I see in my life is thoughts from the past and what I am living right now is the manifestation. If there is something in my life that I don’t like to see then I know what I have been thinking and I know I just have to refocus. 

The funny thing is that if you focus on the stuff you don’t like about it, then you get more about it. So in order to focus on the things that you want you to have to first think about what you what. Once you know it and you write it down then you have to start imagining that you already have it and feel it.

Rocky shore of the mountain lake in an autumn morning. Beautiful nature of Norway. Reflection of the sky in the lake

How to do this?

  • Meditate, where you stay in silence and hear all the noises around yourself and you pay attention to your breathing every single day because that is a guide to connect you with the source of intuition.
  • A gratitude journal, what Abraham-Hicks calls “the rampage of appreciation”, where I write and write everything that I am grateful for.
  • Then there are other sources that are written perfectly in the book “Ask and it is Given” but also I did a summary for you in here if you want to check it out.

I feel very abundant right now. I can see the sunset from my window now and it is just beautiful, the sun is coming out of the ocean and the breeze going on my cheeks. How immense is our planet earth! It has so much variety, not just ocean from the Pacific, the Atlantic, and all around the planet, but also there are so many desserts, mountains, jungles, meadows. Then countless cities and people coming in and out, with their different tastes, beliefs, and ways of loving. So many people thinking thousand of thoughts from the US to Asia, some people are sleeping and some people are working on the computer, some people at the supermarket, at the train, pharmacy, at the ocean, in a boat, in a car driving, listening to music, etc. Can you feel how much abundance we have in our world? This is only we can see, also exists galaxies with their own planets, and they own type of people with different shapes, and forms and probably a different society and that is infinite. Also, isn’t it amazing that is not one person is the exact same in personality, or wishes, desires? Even if they are similar, there is not one that is the exact same. Also, there are so many types of animals, dogs, cats, monkeys, parrots, snakes, ants, birds, giraffes, elephants, lions, tigers,  horses, donkeys,  hamsters, bunnies, squirrels, etc. Each animal, has a different specie? Also, so much variety of people, tall, short, small, white, black, brown, super white, super black, super brown, etc. Also blond, brunette, dark hair, long hair, short hair, light brown, gray, mustache, beard,  etc.

All of this makes me feel so abundant and so happy, isn’t it what life is about seeing the good in everything no matter the circumstances and also the law of attraction is about? 

Can you do a similar list of the abundance that is all around us? 







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