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How I realized that life is just a game?

I live by the ocean in a beautiful open house concept in Santa Monica, CA with amazing big windows all around me, and I can feel the breeze air of the ocean while I write these words in my balcony that lands in the beach. The windows are luminous that I feel that the energy of my higher source (or God) always visit me through the sunlight. I have a big nice kitchen that connects with the living room and dining room, the amazing granite countertops white, slash gray. I am happy that I get to enjoy my 3 bedroom house with these big windows and a view of the ocean in my bedroom and living room. My office is in one of the bedrooms, is really nice, it has all my favorite mentor quotes, and it is very bright, and it has a green screen and a camera with all the lights ready when I feel to record my videos and share an insight whenever I feel inspired. I am happy that my house lands into the sand and ocean, it has a balcony/porch I live nearby all my favorite restaurants and coffee shops and also, 20 min from Beverley Hills to feel the high energy vibe of that neighborhood and also the great shopping of famous designer clothes that I get to shop too.

I am happy that I get to wake up and decide to write my gratitude journal no matter what is going on in my outside environment because I know that I, through my higher power determine the outcome of my life. Nothing is more important than to feel good and have high energy vibration. I write in regular paper at least 40 thank-you affirmations or sometimes more, and then I get to meditate. I set the alarm for 2 or 3 minutes, to bring awareness to my breathing and that I have a body that is a miracle from the cosmos, once I achieved the 2 or 3 minutes. I follow guided mediation audio or if I feel good enough I do it myself without the audio. I just focus on my breathing and I observe with my mind all the outside noise which I consider very fun. After I arrived at a good mediation state, I get up of bed. Sometimes I meditate on the couch if I feel I can fall asleep in the bed. I dedicate at least an hour to myself before even touching the cell phone and turn of all the notifications.

Generally, after the mediation and looking at the water, my intuition gives me an urge on what to do next and that is what I do. If I feel inspired I go somewhere, or write, or read or listen to something. Many times I love walking in my neighborhood to get my favorite matcha place with Pepito, my soulmate in dog form. Today I felt inspired to write so I came to a very elegant and luxurious (Gucci tea/restaurant place in BVH) place to eat and write, I like watching nice stuff and being around friendly people. Sometimes I feel inspired to clean my space and organize and donate my clothes.

I enjoy helping people to manifest the material things in their lives because I know in the pursue of that if we use our creator or higher-self we discover that we don’t need that to be happy or fulfill us but it allows us to have fun and explore in life. In the journey of desiring money, love, and health, I discovered that we already have it within us, that our only job is to enjoy life and keep yourself in higher vibrations, meaning feeling good, thinking good thoughts, meaning not thinking (mind games) and connecting with the silence and feeling more alive and conscious of our daily activities.

Happy attractive young woman playing with dog and having fun on the beach

I discovered this after suffering and depression, and constant thinking of unworthiness. I realized that we all are a dream. The world is a collective consciousness, and my world or daily reality was constantly thinking of my own self and beliefs that attract all the circumstances of my life. Also I realized that our ego dies, which was just created to sense fear (outside circumstances) to survive, but that is now outdated because the real “danger” in our regular lives is really minimal, unless you live in a jungle. We all created all these amazing comforts of life, but we forgot were we came from, our higher source or angry. I realize that we never die, we are made of energy which can never be created or destroyed, it transforms. The book “Think and Grow Rich” mentioned this and gave me hope.

But… Where does it go?

Thanks to amazing people from the quantum field and based in inspired action, they realized that we are all energy vibrating in a lower frequency that is why we cannot see our dimensions with our 5 senses which are very limited. So we are energy, therefore we never die we just lose our ego, we just change our state of consciousness, that is why i cannot see my grandma anymore, she is in a higher vibration, although through the help of medium and psychics that have that gift, helped me to communicate with her, but I still cannot see her. Nevertheless, I said, hold on? So I never die, so why am I in this hologram? That gave me an immense relief, like it doesn’t really matter, nothing matters, not only that, also I can create my own reality, if I stay connected with my own source.

All the incredible (quoted by men, not the divine, everything is normal for the infinite intelligence) things that ever happened in our world, or the most remarkable came from imagination, came from the connection with source, Einstein, Edison, the flying brothers, .Alexander Bell, Picasso, Beethoven, etc. None of them came from ego or by effort itself.

Then it gets better…

Thanks to David Icke, I realized what already my spirit guides, intuition and inner source kept trying to show me since I was born. When I was maybe 18, when the twin towers happened, my inner knowing said that there is no way that the US didn’t know about this and this was completely planned, although I was living in Argentina and I didn’t really care about all these issues. It is just an inner knowing and gutt, all those ones that inspired great people to invent the airplane and to discover electricity, yes the same inner knowing was telling me this. Then also, another intuition was about J.FK, another one I had at 25 years old, where again, I never met Kennedy, I was just interested in having fun and going out to clubs. But somehow I started looking at youtube, read news and pulling the pieces together, this is an inside job for sure, and he said something very controversial about secret societies, and days after was dead? Mmmm, I wonder…

Then I said of course if all these people during the years tried to cover that we are all-powerful, since the Church, to now big businesses and powerful people then, they just build a system and a society with beliefs of fear and low self-worth, that we all need to accomplish something to get there, but ask Robin Williams, or Jim Carrey if that gave them happiness. Robin Williams transformed his consciousness to pure (by transitioning), and Jim Carrey awoke in this one. They being trying to convince us since we are born and from generations that we need something outside of us to complete us, which is a complete fallacy and illusion. We are made of everything that exists, we are connected all the time by our source, the more disconnected we are the sicker, the poorer and unloved we are. David Icke explains it very well in all of his books and also in Gaia TV.

You’re not condemned to anything. Once you die you will realize all of this, but why wait until you die. Like Eckhard Tolle (Spiritual teacher, and best-selling author of “The power of now”) says, “die before you die”. Thanks to many NDE stories, and other people very connected to the source, we came to know that our soul decides this life-time-space-reality learn something. Imagine if you are everything and can have anything you imagine, you imagine and then you have it, trillons of dollars, all the health vitality perfect body, perfect love of your life, friends, everything, then you will have to get a button for contrast, for the opposite, I wonder how it would be not having, it and forgetting to have it, well earth is one way to experience it, and actually they said that is one of the hardest places to be, very unconscious place, not only because you forget where you come from, but also the media and education are to make you forget even more. They don’t help us to connect with Source in our daily life, actually, they make it harder to the point to turn off the TV and phone, to be able to stay in silence and listen to infinite intelligence.

I realized that this is a new beginning for me, now life is exciting I get to enjoy my abundance and I get to be happy, and learn from the challenges and anyways we can die and then do it all over again in reincarnation. Nothing is really serious, nothing compared what who you really are, infinite possibility and that you create and attract your own reality. You created your character with your soul group before you came here, in my case Mara, and planned the events but with free will. I know that If you feel depressed or are homeless like I was twice, you are not going to be up and running in a second, it will take a process, but I hope that in this story and all the ones that I post in my blog resonates with you and sparks in You something.



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