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Summary of 22 processes from book “Ask and it is Given”

This is a summary of the 22 processes from the book “Ask and it is given”, authors and mentors for me Abraham-Hicks. They resonate very much with me. 

Follow “The emotional guidance scale to do these processes” 

Process 1- The rampage of appreciation. Write or say thank you, for the good things that are in my life.

Do it when you feel oy, optimism, etc. 1 to 5 from The emotional guidance scale.  Start seeing what is good around me and start saying thank you for and writing about it. See the good in everything. This is a nice building, this is a friendly person, I love how reliable is my bike, I have food, etc

Process 2-   The magical creation box. Include either mentally or physically in my magical box that says: “whatever is in this box is”

Do it when you feel Joy/Knowledge/Empowerment/Freedom/Love/Appreciation and Optimism. Gather magazines, pictures, that I want and write in the lid, whatever is in this box IS!

Also, when I am in the street collect in my mind or if I find something in my mind to include in my box, and detect that If I say a bad feeling though, say not, I am not including this in the box, and replace the box

Process 3-   The creative workshop: What I want in my main 4 areas of my life and why and write them down.

When I am in Joy/Knowledge/Empowerment/Freedom/Love/Appreciation and Optimism. The Creative Workshop will assist when I am focusing upon the areas that are the most immediate and important to my life experience. When I identify the 4 most important areas of my life. I want to feel energetic and healthy because I love feeling good and being able to do more, enjoy more of life because it feels good to feel good because I can give more, etc.

Process 4-    Virtual reality:  Imagine a good place I am to feel good

Do it when you feel Joy/Knowledge/Empowerment/Freedom/Love/Appreciation and boredom.  Is a process where I get to choose everything, imagine, where is the location, outdoors, morning, or afternoon. Am I laughing, alone, on the beach, etc. Just do it for fun! 

Process 5-    The prosperity Game – checks to deposit and withdrawals

The prosperity game is when Joy/Knowledge/Empowerment/Freedom/Love/Appreciation and discouragement.  In this process, I will be imaging a checking account. I will make deposits and entries and check withdrawals.  The first day I deposit 10,000, and the second day 20,0000 dollars. I made a copy of real checks and then I would do deposits and withdrawals. 

Process 6-    The process of Meditation

Do it when you feel anything!! This is the most important one in my opinion because it connects you with the source, is where you get your infinite intelligence.  I recommend to start with Eckart Tolle Guided mediation, is great. Listening to music, pet my dog, being with nature or wear comfortable clothes, and quite the thoughts. Thinking about Pepito (my dog) or if you have an animal is great and easy. Also, you can meditate in stillness, on the couch or bed if you are NOT tired, and just listening outside noises or your breath, and also notice the silence, and is so powerful. I feel so much relief. 

Process 7-    Record / Evaluating dreams – when I want to know what my set point is manifestation towards my want or not

Do it when you feel anything! Remember where I was or we -were, people, doing, and strong feelings I am feeling. Write them down or record them. What I did is I hired a dream reader and helped me to understand. Just do it if some of your dreams worry you, if not necessary.

Process 8 –     The Book of Positive aspects (20 min in my journal)

Do it when you feel anything! This is great in my opinion, if you are not sure about your current relationships, in the sense of is a good attraction or not. For example, your friends, partner, parents, etc. So think about that person and think about all the positive things about that person. Especially the one that you might have a conflict with. So for example, I wrote a list of people that are closest to me and I love so much, and the persons that you spend more time with.

My partner: He is so generous, he always invites me for dinner and does it without thinking. My favorite part is that he accepts differences so easily, he loves everyone no matter what.  He takes care of his father that has Alzheimer’s and also loves his sister so much.  He loves his family and is very close to them and I not only admire that but also I feel good that attracted such a good person in my life like this. 

My father: He is so generous, and gives unconditional money. He helped me so much monetarily all these years I live in the US and all my life in general, that he always made me feel rich.  Also very unconditional, because he would do it again without asking anything in return.  Also, I love that he likes luxury and dress well like I do and my grandma (his mom).

My mom: I love that my mom is the sweetest person I have ever met, and also very generous but with acts of service. She is a nurse and you can tell that in all aspects of her life, how she cares for people (strangers), friends, and family. She is also very affectionate and she shows it very well.

My sister: She is also very generous with money, she always gives without asking anything in return. She is very sweet as well, and very real. What I love the most is that she will tell you like it is, and she is very supportive of all my decisions and she makes me feel very good and not alone. 

My dog: He is so sweet and super cute. He is very patient with me when I don’t take him right away to pee. Also, he makes me feel so good, he is my best friend and companion of home and travel and adventures. 

Process 9 – Scripting (in this one I am a writer and everything that I write becomes true)

Do it when you feel oy, optimism, etc. 1 to 5

I am the writer and I write about me, the main character of the movie. I play the actors and everything that is going on. Here you can write like a book with conversations, and imagine the characters, where is it taken place, the plot, and everything. Of course, is a movie about what you want to manifest. 

For example, cooking is not my favorite thing and I love to have a chef to do it for me, healthy and nutritious homemade food. 

Maria: Good morning, how are you? Did you do your morning routine already? 

Mara: Not yet, just going to the bathroom now. I will do it in my bedroom and they will be out. Give me one hour! 

Maria: No problem, what would you like for breakfast today? 

Mara: I would love some mates with toasts and avocado.

Maria: Coming in an hour! 

1 hour later

Mara:  Thank you so much for the breakfast. Here you have what I want for lunch and dinner. You can leave it in the fridge and then you can go!

Maria:  Thank you! I will clean the house and then I will go!

Mara: Thank you! Good idea. 

Process 10 – Place Matt Process

I do this when I am overwhelmed or passionate. I can Divide in two a sheet of paper and on the left write the TO do must do today and on the right the things that I let the universe take care of I. 

Process 11 – Segment Intending

 Since it is intending is better to do it when I feel good. I enter in a new segment every time my intentions change. When I talk to a person, it changes, when I enter a room, or my bike, etc. So, I have to take a little time to focus before entering the segment to set my intention on what I want or intend to accomplish in the segment. This is what I want and I expect in this period of time, this is why is useful to pause many times during the day and set clearly what I want before entering each segment. Always imagine the end of the segment, like I did with Pepito when he went to his bed. So for example, before I go to bed I say “I intend to wake up rested and energized and imagine myself happy with the energy and in a good mood”. The same before I stand up off the bed lay down there I imagine how the day is going to be and feel excited, also positive things already about the day, the bed feels so good, etc. That is the first thing I say when I wake up.

Process 12 –   Wouldn’t be nice if

When I feel positive and discouragement. So, when I start with a negative feeling, I can start saying. Wouldn’t be nice if I am already working all the time on what I want to do? Wouldnt be nice to feel more energized? Wouldn’t be nice to find the right rhythm between my mind and my body? Wouldn’t be nice to feel more rested? For example,  when I manifested the $50,000, at the beginning I wanted my end goal 300 million dollars, but my mind and subconscious were in conflict, so I said wouldn’t be nice to receive it in different payments? First, $50,000 then $100,000, then $500,000, and then a million, and then when I am feeling the momentum of the rest? Feels more real to me. I just also imagine all the time what I will do with the money. I am sending money to my parents and my sister in Argentina, via FedEx which makes me feel excellent. I am flying my family to a vacation destination in first class, where we all meet and we do our different activities, we enjoy the ocean and my father the history, and my sister the water sports, and I just like looking at the ocean and meditating.  I am living in California, Santa Monica, in my dream house right in front of the ocean, and meeting all my friends that think and connect with me, in business, in life, in fun, in tennis, in coffees, etc. I am going to all the seminars and courses that I always wanted to go to Abraham Hicks, Eckhart Tolle, Plum Village for now.

Process 13 –   Which thought feels better?

Use this when I am in positive expectation/anger. Negative emotion is an indication of resistance. It is useful to write how I feel at the moment.  Can I start taking pleasure in the idea itself? When the desire feels uncomfortable, it is ranging out there ahead of my belief on it, so to smooth it, I can say, I can pick the time to do it, I can do this later and just imagine now. In this one is that sometimes the mind/ego gets worried about something I cannot let it go, so I ask myself? Does this thought make me feel good? Even though is a thought that you think you “should be thinking” because you are used to torture yourself, your body is used to that. So it is just changing a pattern. 

Process 14 –   The process of clearing clutter for clarity

This is useful to do for positive expectations and anger. What is unfished work for me, unpaid bills government, the loan for the car, clutter (use savings for that), my cabinet, the bookshelf, etc? Maybe some of them you are not doing now but you can clean out your home and it makes you feel better, although I really don’t like cleaning. 

Process 15 – The Wallet process

When I feel hopefulness and discouragement. What I imagine what I can buy when I put the $100 bill in my wallet, my point of attraction begins to shift. Unexpected amounts of money in increments will begin to show up in my experience. I always leave a $100 in the wallet, at all times no matter what my bank account says, and it remains me that I always have money at hand if I want to, I just choose not to pay that right now, I just choose not to pay that there, etc.

Process 16 – Pivoting

When I become aware that the statement that I just made is the opposite of what I want to attract. The process of pivoting is often the first step in beginning to shift my habit of vibration because this is the process that helps more clearly define what I want/desire. I know what I don’t want, so what is that I do want? Then in time, I will change my vibration in the subject. Little by little, I will redirect my vibration, and eventually, the improved vibration will become my dominant thought. I will see this process of pivoting as a gradual shifting of my point of attraction and enjoy the positive results that it must follow.  Since we live in a dimension where there is much influence of thought that is abounding. It is of value for me to have some processes to assist me in getting from that place where I do not want to be, to the place where I want to be, and the process of pivoting is just such process.

When I get in a negative emotion it is very good/easy to identify what I want. Because I am never clearer about what I want when I am experiencing something that I don’t want. So, I will stop at that moment and say, something is important here, I need to focus on what I want, in that moments my feelings will change to feel good. Just I don’t have to be hard on myself, just recognize it and focus on what I do want at the moment or find a positive thing to say about the situation. Pivoting is a continual hour after hour, segment after segment, where I chose to be positive. It is the way I feel good, and the way to get all that I want. So when you catch you saying in thought or aloud saying this, changed it well I know what I don’t want, but I want to feel good. 

Process 17 – The Focus Wheel Process

When I am aware, I am feeling a negative emotion about something important or I am doing something that I don’t enjoy much, and I rather do something else and change it in positive emotion. The idea is to write down all the feelings and then re-write them with other general statements related to it to change my belief. For example, I get rich I will alone, and no one will follow me. I am grateful that I am rich. Everything I focus on I attract. I feel good about myself, so I will attract people that feel good as well. I will rather be with positive people than negative. I rather think things that I love about my life. I am not alone I have Pepito, my family, and friends I can always reach. God is with me all the time through music or meditation. 

I don’t document the current facts, only the ones I want to see. Believe and see the facts I want to see and I will attract them. 

Process 18 – Finding the feeling Place

I can use this when I want to have a better feeling body when I want more money or a better relationship. If I feel pessimistic or angry.

For example, let’s say that the sales are not coming as fast I as want, or I am getting impatient, or I have bills to pay. I can imagine that I have more money that I don’t know where to put it in my safe, under the bed in the bucket. Image my wallet full of bills, I can see my bank account of 300,000,000. Any memory or feeling that reminds me that I have money. What I have and also reminding my subconscious mind that unexpected money is coming my way.  Also, I can imagine that I have a credit card with unlimited space for spending and all the balances in cero because I paid them all easily and effortlessly at the end of the month. Also, I can listen to Ester Hicks and imagine better thoughts to help me to keep the faith. 

Process 19 – Releasing resistance to become free of Debt

What I like more about this process, is to put a bit more towards my debt to have a better feeling of abundance whatever more than I can add to release resistance. According to this says to write in columns all the big expenses per month but I rather focus on my income that is more than my expenses.

You cannot get poor enough to help poor people. The opposite is to become as rich as I can to help these people to get there and share my wealth. When I see myself, I see happy and eager to get with my day. 

Instead of earning abundance, I allow abundance. My action has anything to do with my abundance. Life is supposed to be fun; life is supposed to be good. I savor more, laugh more, experience more, anticipate positive more. Nothing is more important that I feel good.

Because if I feel good, I can help myself and others.

Process 20 – Turning it over to the Manager

When you feel overwhelmed. When I want to become the power creator I was born to be. I have a manager that works on behalf of me, I have only to ask and have faith that he will complete the task. Most of you do not see this manager because we keep holding the responsibility in our hearts.  I make requests with the expectation of receiving them. Is good to have action too but inspired by my intuition and being aligned with source energy. Inspired action.


Process 21 – Reclaiming One’s the Natural State of Health

This is good when I don’t feel well when I am feeling pain when I want to feel more vital. I need to do this process in a comfortable place (my bed). Chose a time that I can do it for 15 min or fall asleep. Now I will read to myself the following statements:

  • It is natural for my body to be well
  • Even if I don’t know what to do in order to get better, my body knows
  • I have trillions of cells with an individual consciousness, and they know how to achieve their individual balance
  • When this condition began, I didn’t know what I know now
  • If I had known what I know now, this condition couldn’t have gotten started
  • I don’t need to understand the cause of this illness
  • I don’t need to explain how it is that I am experiencing this Illness
  • It doesn’t matter that it got started, because is reversing its course right now
  • It is natural that it would take some time for my body to begin to align with my improved thoughts of Well-Being
  • There is no hurry about any of this
  • My body knows what to do
  • Well-Being is natural to me
  • My Inner Being is entangled aware of my physical body
  • My cells are asking what they need in order to thrive, and Source Energy is answering those requests
  • I am in very good hands
  • I will relax now, to allow communication between my body and my Source
  • My only work is to relax and breathe
  • I can do that
  • I can do that easily

I enjoy the comfort of my mattress and focus on my breathing. Smile and acknowledge that this is Source energy specifically answering your cellular request.  Just relax and breathe.

Remember Marac(Your name), it is natural for me to feel absolutely well, to feel abundant, to feel good and it is natural to feel clarity. But they seem to be a sort of natural to human patterns that most of us pick up along the physical trail.

If I deprive my desires and things that I want, appears in illness or discomfort.


Process 22 – Moving up the Emotional Scale

 The emotional scale chart

When something has happened to me or to someone that has shocked me back to my heels. Remember that is no Non-Physical Source of darkness, sickness, confusion, or evil. There is the only a stream of Well-Being. My emotions help me understand to what extent I am allowing or resisting the Stream.  The better I feel, the less I am resisting, the worse I feel the more I am resisting. Deliberately creation is deliberately achieving an emotional state.

When I don’t have enough money, the idea is not to move from not enough to plenty, but to feel secure and faithful that the money always flows easily to me. I am not traveling between not enough money to enough money but from a feeling of insecurity to a feeling of security.

When I feel sick, the traveling is not from sickness to wellness, but from fear to confidence. When I feel more confident the physical improvement must follow.

When I have no mate the distance you are really traveling is from the feeling of being lonely to the feeling of excitement and satisfaction. Once I practice the thoughts that make me feel excitement or anticipation, the perfect mate must follow.

When I’m feeling a strong negative emotion, I will identify what is bothering me until I can pinpoint the emotions that I am feeling. I feel hopeful or not? I feel disappointed.


YOU be easy about all of this. I tend to take life so seriously. Life is supposed to be fun.  You decided this journey on this earth, you are already, God, abundance, happiness, health, is waiting for you when you leave this consciousness or transition. As God watches me in the creation of my life, he/universe/me will feel appreciation for all that I am. I am a leading-edge creator, going through the contrast and challenges as lessons, and significant points of what I am attracting.


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