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Welcome to your new way of seeing life

This website is to help you to understand that you are much more than your bills and your job. My intention is to resonate with what you already are. All my mentors and teachers each of them had something that resonated with me that helped me to awaken and be happy no matter what.

Latest from the Blog

How I realized that life is just a game?

I live by the ocean in a beautiful open house concept in Santa Monica, CA with amazing big windows all around me, and I can feel the breeze air of the ocean while I write these words in my balcony that lands in the beach. The windows are luminous that I feel that the energy…

My life is a mirror of my thoughts

It is useful to know that everything that I see in my life is thoughts from the past and what I am living right now is the manifestation. If there is something in my life that I don’t like to see then I know what I have been thinking and I know I just have…

Summary of 22 processes from book “Ask and it is Given”

This is a summary of the 22 processes from the book “Ask and it is given”, authors and mentors for me Abraham-Hicks. They resonate very much with me.  Follow “The emotional guidance scale to do these processes”  Process 1- The rampage of appreciation. Write or say thank you, for the good things that are in…

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